Strategic Talent Review 

You know your people and how they perform today. Yet, you have not seen how they will work in broader and more complex roles.

How well can your organization’s current talent pool meet the challenges that await in the future? As the business world continues to change at an ever-increasing pace, your organization needs to ensure that your people are able to execute not only against today’s strategies, but tomorrow’s as well.

Not all high performers are high potentials. Organizations get a great deal of value from both. But high performers have their greatest strength in their technical area while high potentials are agile learners who can think more broadly and adapt to new situations and challenges.

Assessment can be like a crystal ball, giving you line of sight into your talent’s likely performance in the future.

The internet is full of assessment tools. However, few of them measure up to rigorous standards. As an organizational psychologist, I have 25 years of experience in assessing talent using best-in-class tools and methods. I help your organization define the critical leadership roles and skill sets for the future and assess your current talent against those skills sets.

We will sit down to do a roundtable review of each person and integrate how they stack up against external leadership standards and the expectations and needs of the business. The assessment provides you with insights to help you better understand your talents’ true capabilities and future potential. You will emerge with insights about the strengths you can leverage and what skillsets need to be shored up for your bench to ensure continued success.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you conduct a comprehensive Strategic Talent Review.

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