Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching

People are your biggest investment, and with the right help, they are potentially your biggest competitive advantage. Organizations spend time and money to select the right talent and provide them with resources and support to succeed. And yet…

  • Almost half of new employees fail within the first 18 months.
  • Even the most talented long-term employee can begin to derail, often due to blind spots or interpersonal issues.
  • Conflict can keep people from working productively toward strategic goals.

Leaders and Human Resources diligently apply their business acumen and industry experience in good faith efforts to address these problems. Sometimes this works. However, when the issues persist, you need an expert in assessment and behavior change.

I am an organizational psychologist with 25 years of experience in working with organizations, to make the right hiring decisions, help high potentials accelerate their growth, and coach those who are struggling to make needed behavior changes.

I partner with organizations to build a deep understanding of their talents’ strengths, development opportunities, and long-term potential. Then we build succession plans to drive future growth.

I work with a broad range of organizations including family-owned businesses, non-profit groups, small to mid-sized organizations, and 20 of the Fortune 100.

If you need an assessment and behavior change expert, please contact me.


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Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching

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Kerri adds compassion and courage to her razor-sharp insights. She answers a direct question with a direct answer and helps you ask the questions that need to be asked.

CEO, Healthcare

After working with Kerri, our team is stronger, more focused, and more organized than ever before. Kerri has been an invaluable resource.

Managing Partner, Financial Services

She is a highly skilled coach with a broad understanding of people and leadership. Her expertise positions her perfectly to guide her clients to success.

Head of School, Education

Kerri’s expertise with personality inventories was tremendously helpful in giving my SVP a reality check. He has made enormous changes and has become a powerhouse instead of a drain on my organization’s and my time and energy.

CEO, Manufacturing

She has a wealth of organizational design and business knowledge from which to draw. She is very professional in all aspects and a valued partner to our team.

SVP, Technology

Kerri’s observations of people are always “spot on.” She is invaluable to leaders looking to move their people and organizations to the next level.

CEO, Marketing & Communications