I coach valued employees who are
derailing and help teams perform
more effectively.


I help you discover what
you really want from your
career and how to get there.


I partner with individuals
and couples to work through
what is getting in their way.


Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching

People are your biggest investment, and with the right help, they are potentially your biggest competitive advantage. I coach high potentials and valued employees who are derailing and help teams perform more effectively. I have extensive experience in consulting with both profit and non-profit, family-owned businesses, small to mid-sized organizations, and Fortune 100 corporations.

Career Coaching

You spend a third of your waking hours at work, so finding the right fit is essential. I guide you to decide what field and job will be most fulfilling and how to transfer your skills. I teach you how to build on your strengths and work around what gets in your way. I can help you learn to strategically climb the ladder, manage work life balance, navigate organizational politics, and manage work stress.

Individual &
Couples Counseling

Counseling helps people feel better. I see people who want only a few sessions for ideas and inspiration, those who seek support in daily living, and individuals with issues that seriously interfere with their lives. I use the highly regarded Gottman Institute methods to help couples articulate their concerns, build realistic goals, and develop practical ways to strengthen their relationships.

Meet Kerri

As an organizational and counseling psychologist for 25 years, I have recognized a gap in psychology service offerings. Work and personal issues overlap, yet practitioners tend to specialize in one area or the other. I have extensive training and experience in both. Oftentimes the key to coaching someone with work issues lies in understanding their personal drivers. And many people who want to work on personal issues also have career concerns.

I have developed a unique psychology practice with three service areas in which I consult with organizations whose people need executive coaching or teambuilding, coach individuals who want to grow in their careers, and provide counseling for individuals and couples who need help with their personal issues.

Please contact me to see if I would be a good fit for you.

Because Kerri is a cross-functional expert in career and personal issues, she brings a holistic sensibility to our conversations that I’ve never experienced before.

She has given me the tools to see my issues clearly and understand the roadblocks I place in my path.

Kerri is a master at using assessment inventories to point out my strengths and blind spots so I could become aware of them and make different choices.

She doesn’t solve my problems for me – she asks the right questions so that I can find my own answers.

She has given me the skills and confidence to know when to trust my instincts and when and how to ask for help when I need it. 

Kerri has helped me see what I was doing that was holding me back and taught me how to make the necessary changes to get out of my own way.

She’s given me insights that I’ve never had before and helped me use them to make positive changes.

Kerri’s incredible depth of knowledge and expertise in personality assessments went far beyond the online versions I’ve done myself.

She knows when to be supportive and when to be tough.

Kerri has a unique ability to work on both career and personal issues and to help me understand how one affects the other.