High Performance Teams  

Work teams are vitally important in organizations. Teams are at their best when they are “greater than the sum of the parts,” as the saying goes.

There is no one perfect structure or approach. The purpose of the team and its required deliverables are central to determining how it should be organized. Some require more interdependence and collaboration than others.

Types of Work Teams:

  • Formal, intact teams that report to the same boss
  • Cross-functional teams that address many broad issues
  • Informal groups that form to work on specific projects

Team dynamics can get complicated. When teams do not function effectively, they can become unproductive or even toxic. No matter how tempting, focusing on the performance of any one individual may not fix what is going wrong.

Considerations for determining the right intervention:

  • Why does the team exist?
  • What output is required of them team?
  • What roles are needed on the team?
  • How do the personalities and work styles of the team members mesh?

An expert in guiding teams to work more cohesively can be invaluable to helping organizations thrive. An organizational psychologist can pinpoint why the team is running into difficulties and intervene to get it back on the rails.

I bring 25 years of experience in using organizational psychology to help teams work synergistically and productively. If you want to move your team toward high performance, please contact me.

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