Individual & Couples Counseling

Life hands us many challenges that can make emotional resilience feel impossible to attain. Now, more than ever, we are dealing with numerous major stressors that affect our personal wellbeing and relationships. You have probably tried to address things on your own or have reached out to friends and family for support. Others care and try to help, but they are not trained to fully address the issues. Working with a professional who is trained and experienced in guiding people through their issues in addition to being a neutral sounding board and personal champion can be invaluable.

For 25 years, I have provided counseling for a wide range of individuals with a broad range of issues. Some want only a few sessions for ideas and inspiration, while others seek support in their daily living or have issues that seriously interfere with their lives.

I work with couples to articulate concerns, understand each other’s hot buttons, build realistic goals, and develop practical ways to strengthen their relationships. My work with couples is informed by the highly acclaimed Gottman Institute, which uses a research-based approach to relationships.

My counseling philosophy is about helping you understand and take action to find what makes you feel fulfilled in life, minimize self-defeating habits that get in your way, and work through issues that cause you pain.

If you are struggling, please contact me for help.


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Individual & Couples Counseling

Kerri has seen me through the most trying and difficult times in my life. She has been an invaluable lifeline.

I have never worked with someone who has shown such a personal investment in my well-being and emotional growth as Kerri.

Kerri treated each of us and the relationship as her clients. We both felt supported yet she also challenged us to look inside ourselves so we could grow individually and as a couple.

She understands and is compassionate even while challenging me to move beyond my usual comfort zone.

She was supportive, but she held each of us accountable for making our own changes to what we say and how we act in our relationship.

She always listens and is there for me. She is a constant source of motivation and compassion. When I have been in crisis, she has been my rock!

Kerri helped me to become the best me I’ve ever been. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without her. She made all the difference! I owe her a debt of gratitude.

She helped us change how we thought about each other so we understood each other’s perspective.

I’m so glad that I have healed and grown. It has helped my family have a happy life again. I couldn’t have done it without her help!

Through Kerri’s use of personality assessments, she helped me recognize and build on my strengths and style instead of beating myself up for my weaker areas.

Kerri’s assessment inventory explanations highlight the differences in our personalities and make them feel less personal…it’s lowered our stress because we now know we’re not intentionally doing things to irritate each other.

I have total respect and admiration for Kerri and her abilities. I owe my recovery to her because of the unconditional support she provided me and the learnings she instilled in me.

Her patience, understanding, and advocacy have been invaluable. She allows me to simply pour my heart out when I need to, and challenges me to make changes when I need that.

I’m much more confident and I teach people to treat me well by respecting them and myself.

Kerri taught me so much about boundaries and how to deal with things…now I can handle just about anything in a positive way and keep my own inner peace.

I am a product of what happened to me and those who helped me overcome all that trauma. I couldn’t have done it alone. Kerri was and is my biggest help.

I love Kerri’s toolbox of strategies. She uses regular talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR for my trauma, a lot of holistic ideas for taking care of myself, and personality tests. She helps me find what works for me instead of telling me what I should do.

She has helped me eliminate the mental clutter of negative thoughts and fears that were creating an unmanageable amount of stress and anxiety.