Couples Counseling

Being a part of a couple is hard work. In the beginning, we are often swept up in the thrill of the relationship. We tend to expect that things will continue this way, that the overwhelmingly positive feelings we had in the beginning will continue fueling the relationship over time. But, in the vast majority of cases, issues begin to crop up once the initial excitement has waned and real life begins to happen.

Working with a counselor to express your feelings in a safe place and get to the root cause of your difficulties can help you find more effective, productive ways to deal with your disagreements so you can reach resolution and move forward.

You could benefit from Couples Counseling if you:

  • Feel frustrated because you think your partner does not really understand you anymore
  • Feel unable to tell your partner how you really feel
  • Say “everything is okay” when arguing with your partner, but feel that it is not
  • Argue using words like “you never” and “you always”
  • Feel that your expectations never get met
  • Experience loneliness in your relationship
  • You and your partner blame or interrupt each other when arguing
  • Feel like you are doing more of the emotional work
  • Perceive that you spend more time arguing with each other than any other activity in your relationship
  • Feel worn out from repeatedly rehashing the same argument with your partner with no progress toward resolution

How to choose a couples counselor:

  • Choose one who is trained in couples counseling. Therapists are typically trained to work with individuals. 80% of couples counselors have no training in working with couples.
  • Make sure you are both comfortable with the couples counselor. The counselor should not take sides.
  • Ask what methods and approaches the counselor uses. The Gottman method is research based and is one of the most highly regarded approaches in couples counseling.

I have 25 years of experience in working with couples. I use Gottman principles and techniques to help you build connection and reestablish trust, as well as manage conflict in your relationship.

If you are struggling with your relationship, please contact me for help.

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