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You spend half of your waking hours working. If you are in the wrong job, want to climb the ladder, or are having issues at work, you are probably frustrated and unhappy. You have likely tried everything you can think of but you have hit a dead end. It is time to get help.

If you are unhappy in your role, I can help you identify interests and skills that can transfer to other fields or allow you to advance within your current career path. If you want to learn how to better handle work stress or manage organizational politics, I partner with you to build a strategy to navigate the complex dynamics of organizational life.

As an organizational psychologist, I have 25 years of training and experience in providing career guidance to people who are struggling in their professional lives.

I help people discover what they really want from their careers and how to get there. I have conducted thousands of leadership assessments and coached hundreds of people on enhancing their effectiveness at work.

If you need help with your career, please contact me.


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Career Coaching


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Kerri’s incredible depth of knowledge and expertise in personality assessments went far beyond the online versions I’ve done myself. 

She’s given me insights that I’ve never had before and helped me use them to make positive changes.

Kerri was invaluable in helping me take stock of my skills and experiences and see possibilities for different career directions that I couldn’t see for myself.

She has given me the skills and confidence to know when to trust my instincts and when and how to ask for help when I need it.

Kerri has a unique ability work on both career and personal issues and helps me understand how one affects the other.

Through Kerri’s use of career assessments, she helped me recognize and build on my strengths and style instead of beating myself up for my weaker areas.

She uses personality inventories as guideposts to help me gain a clearer perspective on myself and those around me in my career and my daily life.

Because Kerri is a cross-functional expert in career and personal issues, she brings a holistic sensibility to our conversations that I’ve never experienced before.